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Accessible facilities information

We want all our customers to be able to shop with us easily - including disabled people, older people and people with young children. Below is a list of the facilities we provide in our stores to make our customers' shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.


Selected stores have toilets, baby change facilities and accessible toilets.

Designated Blue Badge parking spaces

All car parks belonging to Sainsbury’s have designated Blue Badge parking spaces. These are located near the main store entrance for customers who have a Blue Badge.

Help with shopping

We will always be happy to offer our customers any assistance they require with their shopping. Colleagues can help older and disabled customers around the store and do their shopping with them. Further help is also available at the checkouts if customers would like assistance with unloading or packing shopping, or if customers would like help taking shopping into the car park.

Wheelchairs, Mobility scooters and specialty trolleys

Wheelchairs are available in our supermarkets and we also have trolleys that clip onto wheelchairs. Our supermarkets also offer trolleys for disabled children. Mobility scooters are available in our larger stores. Please ask colleagues if you would like us to show you how they work.

Induction loop system

Our stores have induction loops installed to help hearing-aid users interact with colleagues at specific locations around the store, including selected checkouts and at the customer service desk.

Petrol stations

Our petrol station colleagues are happy to help disabled or older customers fill up with fuel on the forecourt when needed. We are proud to be the first supermarket to enable our disabled or older customers request assistance via FuelService. The app can be downloaded to your phone, or you can call to ask for help when you arrive at the forecourt. Just look out for the FuelService stickers on the forecourt giving you the number.


For stores that have a café, there is a set of easy grip cutlery for any customer who would find these easier to use. We can also heat up milk – just ask.